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If you’ve used any of the LiveWell services and have a story to tell, please email us at Did you call the nurse line and get some helpful advice? Are you receiving health coaching and seeing good results? Did the Personal Health Assessment prompt some healthy new behaviors? We’d love to know!

Akiko Ikenoue, feeling inspired to lose weight by one of her favorite shows, The Biggest Loser, was thrilled when she heard about the no-cost program, LiveWell NutriSum™.

  • Forty-eight year old Akiko Ikenoue knew she needed to lose weight; she was afraid of a future of obesity and complications from her diabetes. When she heard about the LiveWell NutriSum™ program, she knew that this was her chance to change.

Michael DuMond, inspired by his weight loss in the Biggest Loser challenge, joined LiveWell NutriSum™. He lost 43 more pounds, got off his medications, and became an inspiration to his coworkers and family.

  • For fifty-year-old Michael DuMond, losing weight was a necessity. At nearly 300 pounds and on medications for high blood pressure, cholesterol and type-2 diabetes, he felt he had to do something. Inspired by his store’s LiveWell Wellness Champion Volunteer and others, he dedicated himself to losing weight with LiveWell NutriSum™.

Colleen Powers, with the help of LiveWell Condition Management and NutriSum™ is rewriting her family history of unhealthy conditioning and choosing to live well.

  • Fifty-eight year old Colleen Powers decided she could be healthy in spite of an unhealthful family background. With the support of Shelia, her LiveWell Condition Management personal nurse advocate, and by participating in LiveWell NutriSum™, she was able to lose weight, lower her cholesterol and manage her diabetes.

For Leslie Shepherd, the support of the LiveWell NutriSum™ online community keeps her motivated to stay on track.

  • Forty-nine year old Leslie Shepherd signed on to LiveWell NutriSum to lose weight and found an added bonus: a supportive and motivating online community of Trust participants eager to see her succeed. Only eight pounds away from her goal, she’s learned the value of not going it alone.

Irene Cayanan-Barr found that one success leads to another when participating in the LiveWell Health Coaching and Nutrisum™ programs.

  • Thirty-seven year old Irene Cayanan-Barr had a wake up call on her stress level and excess weight after taking her first Personal Health Assessment last year. Working with a LiveWell Health Coach and with the Nutrisum™ weight management program, she learned that when it comes to taking time for your health, it is you that benefits the most.

Earl Greenlaw took advantage of LiveWell programs, then passed on the favor by becoming a Wellness Champion for his workplace.

  • A Sound Health & Wellness Trust participant for 27 years, Earl Greenlaw was impressed with the programs available through LiveWell. Now he takes the information he learns through the Wellness Champion Volunteer Network to help others get healthy, stay informed and collect financial rewards.

Jeff Asher challenged himself, and a few co-workers, to Quit for Life.

  • Fifty-eight year old Jeff Asher issued a challenge to his co-workers, “If you quit, I will.” After 40 years of being a smoker this was no small challenge. But with the encouragement and resources he received from his Quit Coaches and the support of his fellow Quitters, Jeff was able to break the habit.

Blaine Sherfinski put his PHA to work and dramatically improved his health.

  • Fifty-four year old Blaine Sherfinski took the PHA the first time three years ago for the incentive, but also out of curiosity. What he learned with his PHA inspired him to make some changes; changes that dramatically improved his health, reduced his medications and encouraged him to take the PHA every year to continue to track his progress.

Cindie Pruiett walks more every day thanks to her pedometer.

  • Fifty-four year old Cindie Pruiett clipped on the step counter she got for free when she signed up for LiveWell 10K-A-Day and was surprised to see she wasn’t walking as far as she thought she was. Now she’s finding ways every day to walk more.

Shawn Kilbourne Continuous motion for man and dogs.

  • Forty-seven year old Shawn Kilbourne signed up for LiveWell 10K-A-Day and was thrilled to see that he was already walking the recommended 10,000 steps each day while he was at work. But Shawn didn’t stop there—and his three dogs have benefited from his determination to log as many steps as possible.

Lorraine Gorby finds room for improvement and reduces her stress.

  • Fifty-three year old Lorraine Gorby took the personal health assessment to get the whole picture of her health. When she was invited to participate in health coaching calls to manage her stress, she welcomed the opportunity with great results.

Joe Schipacci learns to take exercise seriously.

  • Fifty-nine year old Joe Schipacci needed some help meeting his weight loss goals. With help from his health coach, he is staying on track with regular exercise and is achieving his goals.

Kim Shumway gets fit with her family.

  • Forty-three year-old Kim Shumway is a busy stay at home mother of two, but instead of putting fitness at the bottom of her list, she and her husband, Scott Shumway, decided to make it a priority. They joined the LiveWell 10K-A-Day walking program when they were at their busiest, and have made walking a part of their everyday lives.

Nancy Bronsteen is now an ex-smoker—and she feels great.

  • *Forty-nine year old Nancy Bronsteen quit smoking for good with LiveWell Quit For Life®. She estimates that she has saved $1,000 in the past five months by not buying cigarettes, and she feels wonderful (and she didn’t even gain weight!).

    *Please note that the $100 incentive check for Quit For Life® is no longer available for new enrollments as of January 1, 2012.

Korinne Kunst makes walking a daily priority.

  • Thirty-four year old Korinne Kunst, a wine steward at the Safeway at Silver Firs in Everett, used the 10K-A-Day program to kick-start her exercise routine. After cancelling her gym membership, she found a way to keep in shape with a daily two mile walk.

Charles Kauffman was already fit, but walking 10K a day has given him an extra edge.

  • Nineteen-year-old Charles Kauffman, a cashier at Shoreline’s Central Market and University of Washington freshman, tried out LiveWell 10K-A-Day with great results. He made a few changes and managed to increase his activity, lose 10 pounds, and find an activity that he and his family enjoy doing together.

Fredda Lehan talks to her LiveWell health coach about nearly everything. And she’s seeing great results.

  • Fredda, whose husband Robert has worked at the Red Apple in Kirkland for 8 years, had recently retired when she tripped and ruptured her Achilles tendon. She had three surgeries in three months, and a year later her foot was still so swollen that she couldn’t wear a regular shoe. Now, with help and encouragement from Kathy, her LiveWell health coach, Fredda Lehan is finally feeling like herself again.

  • VSP
    (800) 877-7195
    Call Mon – Fri 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST
    Sat 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST

    • Catamaran Rx
      (877) 629-3126
      Call 24/7

    • Health Reimbursement Arrangement
      (800) 225-7620
      Call Mon – Fri, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    • LiveWell Nurse Line
      (Call also with questions about the Personal Health Assessment, Health Coaching, and Condition Management)
      (877) 362-9969
      Call 24/7

    • LiveWell Quit For Life®
      1.866.QUIT.4.LIFE (866.784.8454)
      Call 5:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.

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